Add a touch of class that sets your home apart with a residential awning from Awesome Awnings! Our completely customized solutions bring beautiful style and unparalleled functionality to your property.

A Balance of Style and Function

We believe that beauty matters - especially when it comes to your property. But we also believe in the power of uncompromising practicality. That’s why our residential awnings balance the best of both needs. With support from our team, you know you’re getting the best in:

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.

    Complete customization:

    Every awning can be customized to meet your stylistic preferences, size constraints, and logistical needs.

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.

    Hundreds of colors and patterns:

    We offer more than 140 colors to start with - and there are literally hundreds more to choose from. Select from solids, stripes, tweeds or patterns. You can match anything from your trim color to your deck cushions.

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.

    UV Protection

    Our canopies and awnings will protect you from about 98% of the sun's rays. They'll also protect your upholstery from fading and bleaching.

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.

    Energy Savings

    Canopies will reduce indoor temperatures by about 15°.

While Awesome Awnings are beautiful, the best part is that they balance practicality with style. Get in touch with our team and let us build an awning created just for you!

Bring Your Awning to Life

There are - quite literally - hundreds of awning styles to choose from. But don’t let the options overwhelm you! Our team is here to help you find the magic formula for your home. We specialize in:

  • Metal Canopies
  • Canvas and Vinyl Awnings
  • Free Standing Awnings
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Custom Awnings

A high-quality product at a reasonable price. And when you throw in a fantastic selection of styles and our personal attention to detail, and you've got something that's, well, awesome! That's the basic premise behind Awesome Awnings.