There’s a reason that Bahama shutters have become the toast of North Carolina homes. They’re beautiful, they’re functional, and they’re multifaceted. Awesome Awnings helps you customize this shutter to make it a seamless fit with your property.

The “Best All Around” of Shutters

Bahama shutters have their name for a reason. They were first designed to serve homes in coastal areas, where the sun shines bright… and the potential for those tempestuous tropical storms are plentiful.

They make a great fit for North Carolina properties for this very reason. The simple style - a single piece with a hinged top - is equal parts functional and stylish. With Bahama shutters on your exterior, you can count on:

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.


    With Bahama shutters, your windows will still reap the benefits of southern sunshine - without it blinding you. This simple shade keeps your home welcoming and comfortable all day long.

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.


    Bahama shutters are designed to close over your windows when the weather looks stormy. They’re a great option in areas where heavy rainfall and winds are plentiful, or where hurricanes are a concern.

  • Awesome Awnings & Canopies, Inc.


    This design delivers a classic, clean aesthetic. With an understated style, they can be customized to align with virtually any architectural approach.

Customize Your Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Our team believes that you should never have to compromise on any investment related to your home: least of which your shutters! That’s why we offer a completely customized service that addresses your needs from start to finish. Expect:

  • Design
    We help you find a style, color, and material that will fit in effortlessly with the rest of your home.
  • Fabrication
    Guided by your design, we fabricate high-quality shutters designed to stand up to virtually any weather.
  • Installation
    Finally, our experts install your shutters effectively. With Awesome Awnings, you know you’re getting superior service.

Make your Bahama shutters a highlight of your property - and turn to our team to deliver the best service!